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Binocular telescope High power HD Night Vision 1000 times WYJ

Binocular telescope High power HD Night Vision 1000 times WYJ

$109.99 - 55% $49.95

"These binoculars are easy to use, have good clarity and, personally; I love the eye cups. I bought them now as I want good viewing on our upcoming trip to Alaska - I think these ensure my ability to have good viewing for whale watching and other wild life we'll be sure to meet! Thank you Amazing Discount World!"
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

- Pail Seinfieold
Dallas, Texas

Grab your Discounted High Powered Waterproof Night Vision Binoculars for Hunting, Bird Watching, Navigation or Simply Enjoying Nature while the store LAUNCH DISCOUNT is on. Once we reach 400 unit sales, we will be increasing the price back up to $109.95 USD.


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 ·         Waterproof coating allows for viewing in any weather

 ·         Advanced night vision layers allows for viewing in the dark, meaning you won't miss out on all the action in nature when the sun goes down! 

 ·         10X Magnification allows you to get up close and personal

 ·         High transmittance, FMC lens means clear viewing even at dusk or overcast, ensuring perfect image rendering for viewing at any time of the day

  ·         Non-slip grip on the side ensures firm handling in any weather

 ·         Ideal for birding, travelling, sightseeing, hunting, observation of sporting activities and concerts, etc * Can be used for both day and night vision


A common misunderstanding as most people think of the green filtered "movie-style" night vision. Night vision are sometimes called image intensifiers. They take the tiny amount of light that's available in near darkness and boost it enough for our eyes to see.

Night vision devices gather existing ambient light (starlight, moonlight or infra-red light) through the front lens. Military Night Vision is an image intensifier not an IR detector. Although the military uses Thermal Imaging devices too, but those have a different name. The big difference is that in a totally dark room Night vision devices won't work, but thermal will.


 Product Name:

10x25 HD Hunting Binoculars High Power Telescope

Product Description:
Eye lens:15mm
Magnification: 10X
Prism Glass:BAK4
Focus System: Center focusing
Objective lens:25mm

1.This telescope can be life waterproof and dustproof
2.25 MM large objective lens, high light transmittance, clear and bright image, no color difference, outstanding glimmer effect
3.BaK-4 prism and multi-coated green film optics for superior resolution and image clarity
4.Durable rubber armored coating is comfortable to hold and rugged enough to stand up to any conditions
5.Large lens design, more comfortable to view objects without eye fatigue, dizziness, with a vision combination of wide angle and HD


Package list:1 x binocular



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