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#1 Best Selling Simply Straight hair straightening Brush

#1 Best Selling Simply Straight hair straightening Brush


You Get The #1 Best Selling Simply Straight Straightening Brush Normally 120USD Retail For ONLY 60USD (50% Discount! FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY)

Here's Why Every Woman Should Own This Brush That Can Straighten Your Hair In Just Minutes

FAST and incredibly GENTLE hair straightener. Leaves hair sleek and shiny in minutes without the flat iron damage! 

Read more to see how fast and easy this brush works…

The Simply Straight Straightener Brush is a truly amazing new product. Here's Why? 

You're running late and your friends are already waiting for you. You rush out of the shower and it's a super humid day. Your hair looks like a rat's nest. 

You want to straighten it, so you grab your conventional flat iron straightener. You wait forever just for it to warm up, and next thing you know another 10 minutes have passed. You start straightening. 30 minutes go by and your friend is outside getting irritated so you rush it, and you go out (or risk your friends killing you!)

You're now at a party and you head for the restroom. After taking a good look in the mirror, you see that your hair isn't straight at all and looks really frizzy. To make matters worse, you spend half of the night feeling self-conscious about the way your hair looks. 

What is the Simply Straight Straightener Brush? 

If you're reading this, chances are you may have experienced something similar. So, I went ahead and bought The Original Simply Straight Hair Straightener Brush that I'd seen on TV. It's "pretty intuitively" a brush that gently straightens your hair. 

The amazing thing about the Simply Straight  Hair Straightener Brush is that it combines the power of a flat iron with the quick and gentle styling ability of a brush to make straightening your hair as easy as brushing your hair! 

Now, every girl knows that a flat iron takes a while to heat up, but not the Simply Straight hair straightener brush: I was surprised to see how it not only reaches 185° in just 8 seconds but also provides even heating that will not damage your hair. That is one of the things that saved me the most time. Simply brush your hair for tangle-free styling. 

The amazing thing about this brush is the that it combines the power of a flat iron with the gentle styling ability of a brush to make straightening your hair as easy as brushing your hair! 

This revolutionary brush smooths and straightens your hair in minutes! Simply Straight heats up to the perfect temperature for a super-fast, even heating that will not damage hair. Simply brush your hair for tangle-free styling! 

Now, every girl knows that a flat iron takes a while to heat up, but not the hair brush straightener: it reaches 365°F in 8 seconds! That is one of the things that saved me the most time. 

The part that actually heats up is the base of the brush, which is a ceramic plate. There are plastic bristles all around, and those don't heat up. It's actually pretty impossible to scald yourself with this brush (a great thing for someone as clumsy as me). The red plastic studs in the bristles provide further protection, so that you can't even burn your head. 

Since the brush consists of a unique 3D surface you'll notice that is wider than a traditional straightener; it can style larger strands of hair in each stroke, thus shortening the straightening time by as much as ten times. For example, if you normally straighten your hair in 30 minutes, with the hair straightener brush you will be good to go in about 10 minutes or less. If your hair would normally take 45 minute to straighten you will achieve your polished look in about 15-20 minutes. Usually, I get the best results when I section out my hair. An individual strand will take me around 2-3 brush strokes before it's straightened to the point where I'm happy with it. Overall, it has cut down the time it takes to straighten my hair by almost 15 minutes (no joke!)

If you have some areas that are a little harder to straighten, like the back of your head, you can just dial up a higher temperature just to cover those areas. And that's the great part: When you have a hair straightener brush, all it takes is brushing the back of your head, and you won't have to worry about those creases that you get with a flat iron! 

What Hair Types Can Benefit From The Hair Straightening Brush? 

The Hair Straightening Brush is by far my FAVORITE go to product for day-to-day hair straightening. Is your hair thick or wavy? That's not a problem at all. This product has been tested on all hair types, from curly kinky to wavy hair, and it works incredibly well. See for yourself, click here to read real and honest reviews from real women who have purchased and tested this product.

This product was especially made to be used by different hair types. Anti-scalding technology will likewise make sure that it is safe to use the Hair Straightening Brush regardless of the set temperature. Above every tooth is an insulator made of silicone that lets you brush from the root without having to touch the scalp. This insulator safeguards you from the heated ceramic parts that is all around the plastic heat insulated bristles.

Amazing right?

This product is selling out super-fast and it’s already sold out in stores, unless you want to pay top $$'s for a fake version. You can find the ORIGINAL model here at ADW


This is a perfect gift for your Sister, Mom, or BFF. 


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